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An original design by Michael O'Connor and Lisa Van Eyck depicting St brendan The Navigator

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The Legend of St BRENDAN: In the 6th Century ,Brendan the Navigator and a crew of his fellow-monks sailed from Co Kerry in a leather-covered boat, encountering many wonders [ recorded in an account of the voyage - the Navigatio ]. Tim Severin's heroic reconstruction of the voyage in the 1970s proved that Brendan may indeed have reached America an amazing 9 Centuries before Columbus!

The large image on the back of the shirt depicts a fearful moment described in the Navigatio. Brendan stood up in the boat and began to sing .. when they heard him , great fish rose from the ocan floor and circled around the boat .. The small image on the front is derived from a 15th Century illustration of Brendan and his crew in their boat.    

100% cotton mens t-shirt generously sized, our t-shirts are pre-shrunk and are made of quality material. 



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