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An original design by Michael O'Connor depicting the Irish legend of the Salmon of Knowledge.
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The great fish in the background weaves in and out amongst the lesser important smaller fish. The shimmery quality of the fishes scales owes to the hand blended gold - metallic inks and reflects the magical story of the Salmon of knowledge. The Salmon of Knowledge became magical by eating nuts that fell into a magic well (An Tobar Segais). An old druid - poet called Finnegus camped by the river Boyne (between Navan and Drogheda) in the hope of catching the salmon and eating it for it contained all of the knowledge in the world. Who wanders by only Fionn Mac Cumhaill son of Cumhall, leader of the great earliest known Irish army The Fianna. Finnegus takes him on as his apprentice and he learns many wise things from him. One day Finnegus catches the salmon. He cooks it, salivating, Fionn watching obediently. A blister appears on the suface of the skin and Fionn pops it to save it from bursting on his master. On burning his thumb on the hot flesh, Fionn sticks his thumb in his mouth, and thus, gained all of the knowledge in the world. The humble druid cursed his luck and fired him on the spot as kitchen porter. Fionn got a better job- only as leader of The Fianna! There are many more stories of Fionn in The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn.

Nineteenth century political party the Fenian Brotherhood took the name of the great Hero and in turn our current politcal parties are called Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. No doubt we take pride in foolish mistakes and most of all a good tasty fish.

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