Child's :: T-Shirt :: Heron Gates

An original design by Lisa Van Eyck. Available in green and blue.
14,50 €
14,50 €
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HG Kelly
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These herons form a set of heavenly 'gates',  full of beautiful colours and knot work. Animals, especially birds were featured in the Book of Kells- they were considered to be messengers of the gods.  Their legs, beaks and wings painstakingly  and imaginatively drawn to create  a very precious, delicate effect. We can relate to the care and attention the monks spent on their books,  as we hand blend the colours on every print!

Material is 100% cotton and generously sized.
Size guide:
Small : Age 3-4
Medium : Age 5-6
Large: Age 7-8
XL: Age 9-10
XXL: Age 11 - 12
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