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An original design by Lisa Van Eyck. Available in blue, green and black.
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14,50 €
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The BIRD & LION, our first and still best-selling original Celtic design by Lisa Van Eyck.This powerful image has universal meanings all around the world representing an eternal struggle between Heaven and earth - male and female. The elegant beauty of the bird belongs to the ether of the sky, while the manly proud lion - king of the animals- prowls the earth. In childrens terms, perhaps it reflects the eternal struggle of bed-time. Or the eternal struggle of the t.v remote..But you love them really, so at bed time, why not tuck them in with the moral story of the Bird and the Lion- of the beast that was tamed by the patient virtuos creature of the heavens. The good little lion went to bed and the caring Mother Bird watched over him while he slept. Until 6 am.. and then it began all over again.. 

100% cotton Kids Short Sleeve T Shirts.
Size guide:
Small : Age 3-4
Medium : Age 5-6
Large: Age 7-8
XL: Age 9-10
XXL: Age 11 - 12
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