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An original design by Michael O'Connor. depicting the legend of the Tain Bo Cualnaigh (The Brown Bull of Cooley).

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An original design by Michael O'Connor depicting the old 6th Century celtic legend of an TAIN bo CUALNAIGH . One of many stories about Queen Maev, the red haired female warrior queen. On behalf of Queen Maev , the warriors of Connacht (Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo) confront those of Ulster (Northern Ireland) for possession of the Great Brown Bull of Cooley . The story is told in the Gaelic epic poem Tain bo Cualnaigh and stars Cu chullain the champion hurler and Ferdia his best friend. The wild queen marched her army around the Cooley Peninsula, County Louth in search of the powerfull Bull. 

Perfect for lovers of fairy tales, though the belief and fear of Queen Maev lives on in the west of Ireland. 

Perfect for the more innocently minded child who believes in magic, has read about this story, or would like to! And for the child with an interest in battles and bulls! And Warrior Queens!

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